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Feb 8, 2016
Wiki Index

    As you see on the right hand side, you can navigate the wiki or search it. In fact, even when you search back at the forums, the wiki articles will often show in the results!

    If you wish to add an article to - or edit - the wiki, please start a conversation with the webmaster by clicking here...and we will add the proper permissions for you to do so!

    Submission from the general public AND trade are welcome.
    Some examples of possible articles:
    1. How to clean a chimney
    2. How to build a wood shed
    3. The history of Lopi Stoves
    4. How to line a chimney
    and other such factual or historial entries. Please note that most articles will be subject to continual editing, addition and improvement – that’s what Wiki is all about!

    Stove reviews, opinions, questions and other such content does not go here. For areas dealing with these subjects, return to the front page and see the drop-down Quick Navigation Menu or other links.

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