Catalytic Converter Cleaning

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    Above is the link to the pfd file download , using adobe acrobat, for the Manufacturers guide to maintenance ,cleaning & how to know when your combuster REALLY NEEDS REPLACEMENT, instead of just you thinking it might need replacement , but not knowing for sure.
    Now you can positively know whether you need to spend the money for a new combustor
    or if you can revive your old cat for another season of operation.

    Condar is a major manufacturer of catalytic combustors. They sell to stove manufacturers & also direct to stove owners.

    THIS HANDS DOWN,THE BEST ,MOST COMPLETE & COMPREHENSIVE CATALYTIC COMBUSTOR MANUAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. It gives specific step by step info on how to reactivate a weak catalytic combustor.

    Condar also sells most catalytic combusters & can custom fabricate catalitic combustors to your specs. This, I think ,is well worth your looking at, if you own a cat stove.