Lure of the Hearth

Apr 19, 2013
Lure of the Hearth
  • Its truly timeless, this fire on the Hearth. Its beauty, its dynamics and its peaceful beckoning. My instincts tell me to stand close, to watch the flickering flames and ponder the day gone by.

    At this time of year, when we celebrate many Holidays and occasions, it is good to reflect on the importance of Fire in our lives. It could easily be said that a fire on the Hearth is the basis for all of civilized society. Am I stretching it a bit ? Lets take a quick look at history.

    Previous to the discovery of fire, our range on Earth was very limited. Humans had to live in a climate that was mild most of the year. The discovery and taming of the fire allowed us to explore futher North and brave the elements.

    This discovery also allowed us to progress as social beings. The fire was a center of heat that our ancestors gathered around. This focus led to discussions and communication that was previously lacking. As we shared our knowledge, hopes and dreams, the world evolved.

    Of course, the misguided among us sought to use fire for opposite effects, and the results of these mistakes are seen in the ravages of war. As with any powerful force, Fire can be used in negative ways.

    Today, as I sit around my wood stove and feel the rays of warmth, I cannot help but feel a connection to the past. The Holiday season, the Winter Solstice, and our New Year all come at a time of year when the weather is cooler and more time is spent around the Hearth. This is a time of reflection, celebration and anticipation. Dont miss it - dont let it pass you by; this is part of what lifes all about !