Cat in the Ashley Furnace

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  • Here is experience I had a few years (actually about 25) back. Came home from teaching chemistry all day and the house had a bit of a chill - it was October or November, if I remember correctly. My 2 foot long Ashley ( a ducted monster in the basement) needed to be started - opened both doors - fuel door and the lower ash door - went to cut some kindling. In the mean time, my, then, 8 year old black Persian kitty decides to hop into the stove (remember, hes black).

    I come in, insert an arm-load of kindling into the front of the 2 foot long firebox - shut the door- stuff some paper into the lower ash container - light it - and the fire builds. After perhaps 30 seconds or so, the 350 pound stove begins to rock back and forth. I find this amusing and a bit disconcerting and figure (I went to college) that there must be something in there! After a minute or so, it stopped, I opened the door to have a peek and two eyes stare back at me from the back part of the 2 foot firebox - its that damn cat!!!! He jumps out of the firebox smoking - ears a bit shorter and with all 4 paws badly burned and flops on the floor.

    Vet says - bring him in and if he makes it through the night - hell live. He lived to be 18 years old.