Know Temperature when metal glows red

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  • How to tell what temperature a glowing object (metals) might be:

    It doesn't really matter what the emitter is...stainless steel, cast iron, tungsten in your light bulb, the temps are about the same for a given color. Generally accepted colors/temps are:

    ::C ----- ::F ---- Color

    400 -- 752 -- Red heat, visible in the dark
    474 -- 885 -- Red heat, visible in the twilight
    525 -- 975 -- Red heat, visible in the daylight
    581 -- 1077 - Red heat, visible in the sunlight
    700 -- 1292 - Dark red
    800 -- 1472 - Dull cherry-red
    900 -- 1652 - Cherry-red
    1000 - 1832 - Bright cherry-red
    1100 - 2012 - Orange-red

    C= Centigrade
    F= Farenheit

    metal color temp chart.png