Rig and Transport Stoves and Boilers

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  • Moving heavy objects requires great care. This entry will give some hints as well as link to forum threads which discuss the moving of heavy objects.

    It may be wise to break down appliance weights into three categories, although they can often be crossed in terms of the methods and tools used.

    1. Movable by hand, appliance dollies, etc. by one or two persons
    This would cover stoves up to about 250 lbs - weight can often be stripped (doors, legs, interiors removed) to make them quite a bit lighter.
    2. Movable by a combination of appliance trucks, dollies, strong backs, etc.
    Appliances from 250 to 700 lbs can be be moved by those who have experience with proper methods and materials. Lifting using direct muscle power should be avoided, although the units can be tilted and blocks put under one side, then tilted the other way, etc.
    3. Moveable with experience and great respect for the forces involved
    Appliance from 700-2000 lbs can be moved with relatively simple equipment but the rigger must have previous experience and the confidence needed.

    Here are some forum threads dealing with moving and rigging stoves: