Always tie it down

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  • He was a cocky sort - it made sense when he told me that he was a police officer. He came from a good distance away and wanted to pick up a cast iron gas stove in his pickup truck.
    Our warehouse man loaded the pallet on the truck and suggested that he tie it down well. After all, this stove was fairly light and he had a long way to drive. He said he would take care of it.

    The next day he arrived back with his tale of woe. He was only a few miles from his home when his truck hit a large bump in the road. He watched in the rear view mirror as the stove bounced out of his truck and went end over end down the road - spewing parts as it rolled.
    He brought the remains back to us - there was not a single part larger than a few inches in size!
    We sold him a second stove - at a discount because we felt bad….