Don't steal firewood from folks who have dynamite

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    My grandfather was born in 1921. He was a teen during the depression and times were tough. They had a miserly old neighbor who used to come over and steal wood from my great grandfather. My grandpa said that his dad jumped this guy about it and the guy denied it even though there were foot prints in the snow. So, great grandpa drilled out a split of wood and put a stick of dynamite in it and capped it with a plug of wood. He told the boys not to grab it and not to tell anyone.
    A couple of weeks later, they were awoken to a thunderous clatter. It blew the guys stove up and burned his home down. The old guy survived, but had to go live at the county home. No, he wasn’t stealing wood, was he? I know it may sound like an stupid thing to do, but you have to recall that the times were different then. You wouldn’t get by with that today.