Efel Stoves

Oct 4, 2013
Efel Stoves
  • Efel is a Foundry in Belgium which produces stoves and stove castings. The actual name of the Foundry is Fouderies De Lion, or Foundry of the lion.

    Efel stoves were imported into the US starting in the late 70's with the introduction of their popular Kamina model. This stove was very advanced for it's time, and featured a clean burning design along with a full glass window and ash pan. Enamel colors were standard as was a convection design that circulated heat well.

    Efel then introduced a smaller model with a lower flue outlet for easier fireplace installations.

    In the early 80's, they introduced high efficiency hopper-fed coal stoves, including the Kaminor 420 and Ambassador 350.

    In response to market demand, Efel introduced some more basic models with American and Colonial designs. Efel still makes stoves for the US and Canadian markets as well as other markets around the world. Fuels include oil, gas, coal and wood.

    Efel Kamina Wood Stove

    Attached are two manuals for Efel stoves. The S33 and the 386-75.
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