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  • Rules for the Hearth Forum(s)

    Dear Friends,

    I would appreciate if the following guidelines would pertain to your posts and responses in the forum.

    1. The usual - that means Netiquette as defined by many sites on the net =- examples:

    No long discussions of reproductive choice, whether J e s u s is Lord, etc.
    No constant quoting of scripture - no preaching.
    (this includes the Inglenook)

    2. Ethics do matter!

    No blatant commercialism nor "fooling" of the audience. It is OK to have a signature with your stove model, company, or even store URL - it is OK to say who you are, but it is NOT OK to , for instance, pose as someone else and use this ruse to promote a certain agenda. YOU OWN YOUR OWN WORDS.

    Your signature and/or Avatar should contain only info or links that are home or hearth related. Any site linked to must be of an informational nature and must be a "complete" site... not a 1/2 finished "homepage". No scripture quotes in signatures from the bible, torah or koran or others sacred texts! No professions of your faith in signs (these are OK in your bio in your profile)

    It is against the Forum Rules to be here to "harvest" our existing members and guests and send them or nudge them to your own related site! It is against the Forum Rules to spend endless threads promoting a certain brand or product, even if you don't financially benefit from it.

    Where exactly is the line? Well, if someone needs a rare part or a manual, and you have it to all means, either answer the person online or PM/Email them. That is helping, not commercialism. Another "test" for those hawking commercial products is this "are you here to promote and sell your products?"....if this is the case, we really don't want you posting. The forums are People to people, NOT a free advertising medium.

    The line should be fairly clear. If your relationship with a company is anything more than just being a purchaser of one of their stove models, full disclosure is the name of the game.

    Of course, commercialism is OK and encouraged in the areas where we post fuel prices - and even to a limited degree in the classified section.

    3. Respect the "house" that you are visiting.

    The moderators and administration attempt to do their best to help the most number of people. You may not agree with all their rules and actions, but you must abide by them. The most important person on the Forum is the person who is there to get information (the customer). While we appreciate those who give the information as well, long time users should not monopolize the conversation nor feel entitled to break the rules.

    Where is the line here? It is simply the line that the moderators and administration decide on - either globally or in each instance. We ask that you respect that.

    4. Forgive and forget - when the inevitable flame war or disagreement happens....sit back, take a couple deep breathes, try to see it from the other side.....and then let it pass. Holding onto old topics and disagreements is a quick way for you to upset not only the forum, but your own inner peace. If you cannot abide by this rule, it may be smart to take a Forum sabbatical.

    5. Quoting and answering threads - if you regularly use the "Quote" button to repeat and answer threads, please edit the original quoted material to make it as short as possible (to the portion that you are answering). You'll see the
    [quote author=] and [/quote]
    tags around the quoted materials....try to figure out how these work so that your quoted material and answer are clear

    6. Relevant subjects and posts - posts and subjects should have some relation to the forum section they are posted in. If in doubt, it may mean one of two things:
    A. The post should go into the Ash Can
    B. The post should not be posted at all.

    Depending on the time or year and/or the mood of the administration and moderators, off-topic posts may be allowed in the Ash Can - but keep in mind these will probably be closed or erased, as the Ash Can is a place for OT (off-topic) and to blow off steam...nothing more.

    7. No Trolls or forum hogs - often one and the same. Do not post for reasons such as:
    A. To bring attention to yourself
    B. To hassle other people or start flame wars
    C. To "diss" another person
    D. To act as a Evangelist for a brand or product, PAID OR NOT.

    See #1 above (links) for more information on this.

    8. To everything, turn turn turn, there is a season - Most folks come to the forum for information and community. However, some people become long-term visitors. Although we appreciate having dedicated visitors, there is a good chance that spending 14 hours a day on the Forum will be bad for your mental (and physical health). Moderation is the key.;Forum_Rules