Hearth abbreviations

Sep 19, 2016
Hearth abbreviations
  • Folks on Hearth.com often use shorthand for their forum posts.

    Below are some of the common abbreviations and other confusing terms you might find:

    OAK: Outside Air Kit
    PE: Pacific Energy
    VC: Vermont Castings
    DW: Dutch West
    CB: Central Boiler
    NG: Natural Gas
    SS: Stainless Steel
    ZC: Zero Clearance
    HT: High Temperature (also used to describe a class of chimney)
    FG: Fiberglass Insuation
    EPA: Environmental Protection Agency (USA- makes standards for clean burning)
    DHW: Domestic Hot Water
    OWB: Outside Wood Boiler or Furnace
    CFM: Cubic Foot per Minute - usually of a fan
    NFPA: National Fire Protection Association (sets fire standards)
    UL: Underwriters Laboratories (sets and tests to standards)

    Top down: method of starting a fire, smallest on top to larger on bottom
    Holz Hausen: A method of stacking wood in a circle with air space in the center

    (note: please add your own others!)

    Note: here is a full glossary of Hearth Related Terms: