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  • Home Fire Prest-Logs

    Compressed log fuel wiki This wiki is for reporting compressed wood log results. Please use this format and include all specifics in future additions. Copy this wiki and paste into a new one to create another review. Change the last child category above to the product being reviewed. - BeGreen

    Product: Home Fire Prest-Logs
    Manufacturer: Home Fire Prest Logs Ltd, Surrey, BC Canada
    Website: www.homefirelogs.com
    Reviewer: BeGreen
    Date of test: 12/05/06
    Packaging: sold by box of 6 or pallet of 380 logs
    BTUs: 8730 btus/lb. Each log is 5 lbs or 43,650 btus
    Size: 10 in. x 4 in. diameter. Flat base to prevent rolling
    Price: WA State $6.99/ box of 6 ($1.17 ea) $300/pallet

    Testing environment-
    Jotul Castine F400 stove, rear exit to 19 stack with draft Damper.
    House: 2000 sq ft, 2 story farmhouse
    Region: Puget Sound, WA state
    Outside Temp: 40 deg.
    Method: 4 logs, 2 logs parallel with glass, with block starter in between, then 2 more logs placed on top at right angles with about 1 in between. Starter was placed on 1 full sheet of crumpled newspaper to facilitate lighting. The stove was completely cold at the beginning of the test. Temperatures were measured using stovetop thermometer placed at Jotul recommended location, right side about 4 from edge.

    An earlier test was done in a 400 degree hot stove on existing coal bed from previous wood load. I used 3 logs. This led to an aggressive fire and is not recommended unless watched closely in a familiar and large stove. When used as recommended this product seemed very safe and clean burning.


    7:30 pm --- Ignition --- temp 70 degrees, dampers wide open, door open about in.
    8:10 pm --- Reading --- temp 200 deg., logs burning on the inside edges closest to starter
    8:25 pm --- Reading --- temp 300 deg., logs burning vigorously, surface 75% black
    --- Action, close stack damper, stack temp 250, air control set to 50%
    8:40pm --- Reading --- temp 450 deg., logs fully involved, good secondaries
    --- Action, closed air control fully , stack temp 400
    9:15 pm --- Reading --- temp 575 deg., great fire, mostly secondaries, logs graying but solid
    10:25 pm Reading --- temp 450 deg., wispy secondaries
    11:00 pm Reading --- temp 400 deg., strong glowing red logs, about 2/3 original size
    --- Action, open air control to 50%
    12:00 am Reading --- temp 300 deg., still glowing strong, logs original size
    6:30 am --- Reading --- temp 150 deg., still glowing logs, large egg sized.


    The starter is a soft bar about 3 x 6 x 1. It seems to be made up of fine wood dust in a paraffin base, though Im not really sure of its actual composition. It burned slightly more smokey than Super Cedars, but not terribly more. One half block easily started the logs. The fire at all points was predictable and well behaved. No adjustments were needed to the logs. In the morning the log coals were smaller, but still glowing and plenty warm enough to start another set of logs placed on top without starter. Smoke during the burning was exceptionally low. None was visible with previous daytime tests. The glass stayed reasonably clean throughout the burn. There was a light grayish ash coating on it when checked the following morning. Earlier test results reported in forum: Forum Link to Home Fire Prest-Logs

    Where to find them?
    In WA state:
    Dels Farm Supply stores
    McLendons Hardware
    most Cenex Farm Supply stores (Everett, Marysville, Whitbey Island,Poulsbo etc)
    Clearview Farm and Garden
    Swains Outdoor
    Central Market Poulsbo and Shoreline

    Also sold, in Leominster, MA. at Hearthwise. http://www.hearthwise.com

    Contact Home Fire for more information on locations in your area