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    This forum (actually a sub-forum of our Classic Stove Forum) is for all information that is related to older models of Vermont Castings and Consolidated Dutchwest (CDW).

    Note that you can also find some information of older Vermont Castings models on our wiki, in our QA area and elsewhere on the site. You can use the "Search ALL of site" link or this link:

    Here is a link to the QA section:

    Or direct to the Wiki:

    Here are some entries which may be of use to owners of older Vermont Castings models:
    Some literature and manuals on the older VC stoves

    Older Dutchwest models and some info:

    Note - if you are in possession of paperwork (manuals, literature, install guides) on any of these stoves, we would love to hear from you - and we will scan and/or post the documents to help others. Email me at webmaster (at) hearth (dot) com.

Thread Status:
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