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    Here is my question. What is the advantages/disadvantages between cast iron and/or steel? What is the difference between a catalytic and non-catalytic? Which will provide a good source of heat? For the $$$'s invested which type of stove would I get the biggest bang for the buck?


    Here's the scoop....Cast-Iron/Steel...Could talk a long time about this...but here's the important thing...As a user- the main difference to you is the look of the stove..that is- a cast stove can be enameled- and also can have more intricate carvings.Cat/Non-Cat..All things being equal- I prefer a non-cat..due to ease of use and less maintenance. However- if you need a BIG stove- then a Cat may come into play cause they do burn a little longer...and some of them have massive fireboxes. The heat released and everyday efficiency is similar. Steel Stoves can cost less than the same size cast stoves...You have to weigh you budget- looks- etc....You can't go wrong with any of the brands you mentioned...Next advice...look for a reputable company...Where you buy your stove can be more important than the stove you buy. !

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