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mikefrommaine Posted By mikefrommaine, Jun 1, 2013 at 6:25 PM

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  1. But here are the pics from my 254xp rebuild.

    <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>
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  2. HittinSteel

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Northeastern Ohio
    Nice job. How does it run?
  3. Freeheat

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    Feb 1, 2010
    West of Cleveland
    looks good, did you use all oem parts?
  4. I used an after market piston with caber rings. Cost was about $35 vs over $100 for OEM. I'm thinking I will keep this saw for a while so time will tell if it was the right decision. Compression was 140-5 after I tuned it. Hopefully it goes north of 150 after it breaks in.

    It's an interesting saw, more hp than a ms261 (3.75 vs 4.1) and a little heavier (11.6 vs 11.9) Acceleration is quick and seems to have plenty of power. One of those saws that if new today would have all kinds of buzz about it. Might end up selling my ms361 in favor of this one. Kind of a tweener saw at 54cc.
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  5. ScotO


    Looks pretty good! I bet she sounds badass with the DP muffler, too......
    Nice job Mike...
  6. NH_Wood

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    Looks great - how much time do you have on the new top end? Cheers!
  7. Hard to say how much time -- my two year old was helping! Maybe 3 hours. I did a little bit here and there when I had a few minutes. And I was taking my time to make sure everything was as clean as possible. It wasn't that hard.

    It does have a nice sound :)

    After 3/4 of a tank compression is over 160 -- How long does it usually take for the rings to fully seat?
  8. ScotO


    I'd say after a couple of tanks and some cutting, she'll be seated pretty good. I always mix a little more oil with the gas when breaking a P/C and rings in......I usually run 38:1 for that. I regularly run 40:1 on my old saws........never had a failure yet, either.....
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