Next chain saw?

skinnykid Posted By skinnykid, May 20, 2008 at 1:43 AM

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  1. Outdoorsman

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Now there's good advice, Dolmar 7900 is indeed the best weight/power saw in that size range.

    It may not be the he man way to look at saws, but when in the market for a new one, that's my main issue. A pound of weight means a lot, over hours of cutting you'll harvest more wood with the lighter saw.

    On another point made in this thread, regarding dealers, I agree with those saying they don't need one real close. Even if I'm way behind on keeping up with sharpening chains, I just hold off until I go to town & then drop off 6-8 at once. Always a good idea to have plenty of spare chains, you never know when you'll have a opps. IF you flat file chisel chains though, I don't drop those chains off, to much of a pain to restart them to flat file again.

    As to good saw choices for the thread starter.

    Dolmar 5100 or 7900 (7900 best in class)

    Solo 656 (656 is best in class of 40-60cc weight/power) or 681

    Stihl 260, 361, 441 or 460 all very good but none are best of class anymore, though they are still close enough

    Husky 346XP, 357XP, 372XP or 385XP All good saws, but also not best of class, though again still close enough

    All the saws I listed are pro grade saws. Depending on what & how much you cut they are very worth while. And if weight/power matters to you at all, they are the only ones to consider. I've cut 20+ cords in the last year & believe me weight matters to me. I really like to cut, but love the feel of a fast saw.
  2. JayD

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    Aug 22, 2007
    35 miles north of detroit
    You can still buy the full Dolmar line over the internet Just Have to Call! And parts if ya need them if you don't see the parts ya need online just call them they are a full sevice dealer. I have a Makita modded to 7900 same as Dolmar and love it. I will need a smaller saw soon and the 5100s looks real good to me.
  3. chad3

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    Feb 13, 2007
    Southeast CT
    Outdoorsman has some very good advise in terms of saws. Mine: Stihl 361 for most medium/small stuff, very good saw, love it. Husky 372 (if you can find one) great medium saw. Will cut 24 inch oak with no bogging if you don't dawg it too bad. Large for me Solo 681, had mine buried with a 28" bar and is was pulling!!!
    It really depends on what size trees you are cutting and remember, I won't use the 681 for limbing or cutting once I get up to the limbs. Right tool for the job. One go to saw, hmmm, either the sthil or the husky or some saw in that 60-75cc range. Go with a pro saw, as over the course of 10 years of cutting it may cost a little over a dollar a week......
    Food for thought.
  4. crazy_dan

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    Dec 26, 2007
    the husky saws at Lowe's, sears, and HD are just fancy poulans. that said I do have a 142 and love it it is a light 16" saw with vibration dampening and I probably cut more wood with it than I do any of my other saws because it is so light and if you keep the chain sharp it cuts very good.

    The difference between cutting like a dream and cutting like crap is a sharp chain.
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