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RoseRedHoofbeats Posted By RoseRedHoofbeats, Jan 4, 2013 at 5:25 PM

  1. RoseRedHoofbeats

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    How many 4x4 pallets does it take to make a cord? My husband has a friends at the warehouse at the hospital whee he works and he says he can give us about 3 pallets a week. I'm trying to figure out if I start getting them now, how much wood I'll need to get for next year.


  2. DAKSY

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    A cord is 4' x 4' x 8'
  3. bogydave

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    Are you cutting the pallet up for fire wood?
    Cut up, it will take allot of pallets to make a cord.

    Are you going to use the pallets to stack cord wood on so it seasons?
    2 pallets (8' long ) filled with 3 rows of 16" splits, 4' high will be one cord.
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    Probably the closest guess you can make is to weigh an oak pallet and figure how many it would take to make a 3300 pound cord of oak cord wood. The pallets will be drier than cord wood but the weight of the nails will probable make it a wash. The nails won't burn but the moisture in the cord wood won't either.

    Hint: One hell of a lot of pallets to equal a cord of wood.
  5. Hearth Mistress

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    I can tell you we cut about 30 pallets one weekend and it just about filled an log rack, 8ft wide, 4ft high, 1ft deep. The stacking gets tricky so we stack runners on one side and slats on the other. It's free heat of course but 3 pallets a week isn't a lot of cut up wood, for me that would be enough for kindling ;) Plus, you can't load your stove with it as it goes nuclear real fast being nice dry wood. I just threw a single slat, maybe 3" x 14" and my flue temp went from 400 to 650 in minutes, literally. I love pallet wood but it is a lot if cutting. I use a saws-all with 9" demolition blades to cut both top and bottom at once without worrying about hitting nails. Good Luck!
  6. nate379


    Dunno where the "stove will melt down" comes from.

    My Dad has been heating his shop since the early 90s with nothing BUT lumber scraps. Most of it comes from 4ft long dunnage at his work that gets thrown out.

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