Where's your Fireview sweet spot?

charly Posted By charly, Nov 23, 2012 at 1:06 PM

  1. Flatbedford

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    As it gets colder, you can use less air. You'll see...
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  2. charly


    Well I can tell you that Fossil is not a fan of flying;lol! Only kidding Fossil ;)
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  3. fossil

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    I love flying. I've soloed Cessnas, hang-glided, ridden in hot-air balloons, catapulted off of and trapped on aircraft carriers, etc., etc., etc. None of which has a thing to do with the purpose of the Hearth Room forum, which is the only point here. And Dennis has never yet seen me "upset". Rick
  4. charly


    I was only kidding with you Fossil. I understand 100% what the forum is for. I guess flying isn't far from a wood burners heart. Both provide you with enjoyment ;). That's it I'm putting the Fireview back on my Avatar,,,, see what I started:).
  5. jaybird396


    Nov 7, 2009
    southeastern ma
    Most of the time my "sweet spot" for a long "gentle" burn is .5. This is where I almost always set it before bed or before leaving for work in the morning. Plenty of coals for an easy relight if I loaded all the way full.

    After reloading I engage the cat after about 10-15 mins and burn at 1. Then about 10-20 mins later turn it down to .5 where it will stay for 8-12 hrs. The flame will sometimes go out less than 30 mins after turning it down to .5. Then an hour or so later will reappear as ghost flames when the full load really starts gassing out. Stove top will stay between 400-600 depending on draft, wood species etc. for several hours.

    I have found this setting gives me the longest most efficient burn, but not necessarily the hottest for max btus. But that is my go to setting whenever I want to leave the stove alone for hours at a time.

    Wood is 3 year seasoned (cut, split, stacked in the wood shed for three years) red maple, red oak, white oak and ash. Chimney is in the center of the house with 6" uninsulated flex liner.
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  6. Bub381

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    My sweet spot this time of yr is 1.I use a 2 while fire is getting up and going just so it doesn't heat the stone too fast.We use a windup stove timer on 10 to 15 min's to make sure stove isn't allowed to runaway.Burning at around 350 right now.God bless a cat stove and more importantly 1yr old + dried firewood.
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  7. charly


    Great idea about using 2 for a less aggressive fire, allowing the stone to heat slower. I'm all for that.

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