Who's burning already??

Murphy118 Posted By Murphy118, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:24 PM

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  1. RidgeRunner56

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    Sep 23, 2011
    Sandy Ridge, Pa
    Mine has been running for a week now, set on auto. Had it on for a couple days in the beginning of the month when we had an unexpected snowfall
  2. save$

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Chelsea Maine
    Hey, AVIVIII, that is a neat install. Looks like you are happy with the Stat. I don't have one and, from what I understand, my stove doesn't have the potential to add that. I have been turning my opinion to now feel that a Stat is the only way to fly when you are trying to heat in the fall and spring. We must waste a lot of pellets when we are over heating. I find myself starting and stoping the stove, run a day, then skip a day. The only good thing is that I do a lot of checking and quick cleaning before I turn the stove on each time. I'm home most of the time, so my issue is not convenience. I would like to have a more consistent heat and less waste.

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    Dec 3, 2010
    New Hampshire
    Thanks! I'm very happy with the T-stat, especially when combined with Harman's ESP (the black thing to the right of the t-stat) and Room Temp mode.

    I use the stat 2 different ways: 1) In the fall/spring essentially as a timer. Igniter on auto, room temp set for 73-ish, t-stat works as a timer switch, Max(90)/Min(40) on a schedule based on when my wife gets home from work. Fire stays lit the whole time its on and temp is controlled by the stoves computer bu altering the feed rate and fan speeds. 2) in the coldest/darkest part of winter, Igniter on manual, room temp still set at 73 on the stove and the t-stat still works the schedule, but with the min set at 60 durring the day. Its much easier to bring the house back up to temp and only it only eats about 1/2 bag to run at min burn all day.

    I'm surprised the Napoleon doesn't have a way to use a thermostat. I do worry a little about Igniter cycles, especially this time of year, but a new igniter is still cheaper than the oil im not burning.....
  4. jtakeman

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Northwestern CT.
    Haven't see Old Dominion yet. Seems to be lots of new brands this season and most seem to be on the good side of the reviews I'm hearing. Its a good thing as I hear many shortages with Turman, Barefoot and No Somersets until december. Even Okies too due to rail issues!

    I might be able to dump bag #2 in the hopper tonight. Stove is still just taking off the morning chill. Can't wait until these O malleys are gone. Hate hearing my auger chewing on the long ones.
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