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Bob Fisher

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Bob Fisher is credited with the revival of the N. American Stove manufacturing business – appox. 1974 - his steel stoves are still well known today (many still working). features an entire forum about Fisher Stoves - hundreds of pages and pictures!

Bob passed away in 2013 as per this thread:

In 1979 a book was written and published which provides the story of Bob Fisher, the man most credited with the initial resurgence of the modern North American wood stove manufacturing revival.

As the story goes, 300 copies or so of the book printed. Then, for some reason (legal and PR related), Fisher Stove International decided to recall the existing copies and not republish the book. However, a number of copies remain in print.

I recently read the book - lent to me by a former Fisher Stove licensee - a shop still called "Fisher's Hearth & Home" located in Roseburg, OR.

Below find the cover and couple of pages from the book - including a signed note from Bob Fisher.

I have procured my own copy of the book and scanned it and posted it so our readers can enjoy the tale. Attached (see tab at top for attachments!) find the book in three parts (PDF)

A pic of the book cover with Bob's signature below:

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