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  1. T

    American harvest 6039

    I just bought a used American harvest 6039 pellet stove from an online market. I took it home cleaned and installed it and it ran great but I had an issue with the stir pot catching. So I fixed that issue and when I was sure it was clean and running great I went and got some wood pellets. I put...
  2. D

    US Stove 6039 Auger delay stays on

    I have a US Stove model 6039. My original board failed and I installed a US Stove and Breckwell PCB Circuit Board (80575) Everything works except the Auger which did work before the old board died. On the new board the "auger Delay" and "auto mode" flash. I've ran the stove for 30 mins by...
  3. C

    Ussc 6039 agitator question

    Hi guys, new stove owner here. Bought a new house, stove came with the house. Ive mostly figured this thing out, but I'm having problems with the agitator. It stopped working yesterday, so today I opened up to find that the "pin", or rather bent nail, had broken. So no big deal, new bent nail in...
  4. B

    6039t room fan will turn on

    Hi folks, The other day my agitator motor sheared the pin off of the drive shaft. So I had the side of the stove off to replace it and it slipped and fell over pretty hard. Once I stopped freaking out, I tried to start the stove and the room fan never kicks on. In fact, right about the time...
  5. S

    US Stove 6039 with upgrade board

    Hello all, long time listener first time caller here. I have a US Stove 6039 that I put a new 6041 style board in (originally it had the ABC board) and I'm trying to burn corn in it. The display shows HR1thru10, so I tried the holding heat range up/down to switch to corn mode, no dice, nothing...
  6. we7hills

    noob to 6039,... any help?

    Thanks for having me in the forum,... Lots of great info,... Just got a used 6039,... It's the model with newer control panel and the under-firebox damper,... It does not have plugs in the holes behind the firebox back board, It does not have the FAK installed, and the FAK inlet behind the...
  7. S

    Noob here, need some help

    I recently purchased a us stove 6039 used from a Facebook garage sale site. I'm in the process of going through it and double checking all working components. The question I have is my house has a Chimney already there, it's 6" coming through the wall. Will I be able to reduce that down and...