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  1. J

    Building heat exchanger insert

    Hello, this is my first post. Found this forum while searching around for advice on how air flows around the house and how inserts work etc. I have two main questions at this time. A little background. I like to build things as that's what I do. And Inserts are crazy expensive, so I built...
  2. TheNeverStill

    Help with heating DHW as well as air

    Hello all! I’m relative new to wood boilers (came with the 1200sqft home I purchased in April). It’s a 120k BTU hardy that is connected to my HVAC vent stack (pex to a copper radiator in the vent). Our water heater is on the way out (incredibly 30 years old), and I’m thinking I’d like to go...
  3. T

    Purpose of air shutters.

    I understand air shutters control the flow of air to the burner. Open = more air, closed = less air. Typically people open the shutter when their flames are yellow, which can cause soot. Why not just open the air shutter all the way? Wouldn't that be ideal for soot prevention?
  4. stoveliker

    Solar air heat?

    I guess this is a contentious subject, but for such subjects learning the (perceived) pros and cons is useful. I've been playing with the thought of getting solar air heaters. I have a South facing wall and like the idea of having a 20W fan providing like a 1500 W space heater. Especially...
  5. T

    Chimney/ air intake placement (DIY Project)

    Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for suggestions and help with relocating my pellet stove in my basement (came with the house installed). I have a few questions regarding chimney placement and air intake to the outside. I will provide pictures at the end. 1) I am going to use a core...
  6. T

    DIY Secondary Combustion / Air

    I want to share what I have learned from hours of reading forums and watching youtube - an attempt to repay those who laid the groundwork for me. I have a Suburban Manufacturing Wood Chief / Coal Chief stove insert that has faithfully heated my house(s) since 2006ish. This is been a great...
  7. U

    Air gap wall/heat shield wall Lopi 1750

    My Lopi 1750 is on the way. i had to take out my old hearth pad and stone that was on the wall and put down some tiles etc. I was about to fix up the wall where the wall stone used to be and found brittle drywall. I’ll be replacing the bad area, but I’m pretty freaked out by what I found. It...
  8. J

    Quadrafire Contour Outside Air Kit Issues

    Hello all, I am on my second season using a new to me Quadrafire Contour. Last season I did not have the OAK installed and the windows and doors were very drafty. This year I decided to install the OAK so I screwed the adapter on the back/bottom of the stove. I then installed a short section of...
  9. R

    Question regarding airtight (closed cell foam) insulation

    We've been burning wood in our Vermont Castings Dutchwest 2460 wood stove for over a decade. The house was a drafty 1930 farmhouse, and we got half of it insulated with closed-cell insulating foam a few years ago, and are planning to finish the insulating and remodeling this year. Closed-cell...
  10. zenoparadox

    hi300: leaky grill?

    (For the lexicographers in the audience who no doubt will feel the irrepressible urge to "correct" me: the OED gives "grill" as an alternate form of "grille". Regency uses both interchangeably. The manual says "grill". Their web site says "grille" in some places, "grill" in others.) We got a...
  11. michoujordan76

    Outside air intake Jotul F400

    Hi all, I have a Jotul F400 set-up in front of my fireplace. I have an 1850s poorly insulated house with lots of leaks. I would like to attach an outside air intake and run it through the fireplace's ash dump. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the length of pipe for the outside air intake...