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    Alderlea T5, Selkirk Chimney, stovepipe middle - a question!

    Hi there, Newbie here. The old stovepipe installation in my cabin failed the recent WETT inspection. Alderlea T5 woodstove below, a Selkirk chimney above, and a stovepipe in the middle -- that I don't quite understand. Single-walled pipe, 6", with an elbow turn, going up to ceiling support...
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    Our PE Alderlea T5 is installed with stone veneer behind it and a mantel from casa de sassi. Very happy with the look. Any ideas/advice for what is safe to put on the mantel as decor? Or just near/around the stove in general? First timer here!
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    First timer seeking advice! PE Alderlea T5

    Hi everyone! My husband and I recently had a Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 stove installed in our new home. We did a ton of research before selecting this stove (reading through a ton of stove recommendation threads on this site) and are very excited to use it. We have 3 cords of wood drying in...