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    First timer seeking advice! PE Alderlea T5

    Hi everyone! My husband and I recently had a Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 stove installed in our new home. We did a ton of research before selecting this stove (reading through a ton of stove recommendation threads on this site) and are very excited to use it. We have 3 cords of wood drying in...
  2. J

    Alcove "ceiling" question

    Hi Fellers (and ladies). I have in my grubby little hands a PE Alderlea T5, to replace a propane builder grade fireplace in a framed (fully interior) chase. (see photo, please excuse mess... kids..) Chase is 6' x 2' up to vaulted ceiling. We were originally going to demo the chase and...
  3. K

    Correct stove sizing for irregular layout in a small house

    Looking for advice on woodstove sizing given a non-traditional layout. I apologize in advance for the long post. Our house is 1100sq ft and well insulated. We are putting a woodstove in the living room. Our living room is long and narrow, 13ft wide x20ft deep. At the back of the living room is...
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    Alderlea a dirt magnet? (checking out a sour review)

    I was reading one of the Alderlea reviews (T6) and the person was complaining about cleaning the exterior and regretted not getting a Summit/Super Classic. I recognize anything with lots of reviews will get a few sour reviewers...
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    Reverting an Old Farmhouse to Wood Heat

    Although I’ve been reading this forum extensively, I’m a new member here and this is my first post. I hope it is not too long. We recently acquired a farm including an 1896 typical Ontario working farmer's 1 1/2 storey re-brick farmhouse with a centre gable front second storey window. There are...
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    Short leg option for PE Alderlea T5?

    Hi All, I've lurked these forums for 2 years now and think I have it narrowed down to the 2 stoves that fit my needs. Does anyone know if there is a short leg kit for the Alderlea T5? Only way it could work for a masonry fireplace install in my house. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. K

    Aftermarket Blower for T5?

    I need to add a blower to my Pacific Energy Alderlea T5. The price of the OEM blower is outrageous. Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket blower on either this or a similar stove? If so, where did you source it? Thanks a ton.
  8. D

    Buck 74 vs Hearthstone Manchester vs ???

    Hey All, I've been reading a ton of reviews and posts on this forum that have been very helpful. Trying to make the final call on a new stove. Our home is a 3 story brick shotgun style house from 1885. ~3200 sq ft. I am hoping to heat the first floor or 2 (~2300 sq ft) with the stove. We are...

    PE Alderlea T6 first fire & break in period?

    My wife and I just built a new house. We have a brand new Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 stove and about 6 cord of seasoned and split oak, maple, and ash. We have read the owners manual cover-to-cover however we have a few questions. What is a good guideline for the first fire and subsequent...