ash cleaning

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  1. Nerd

    Quadra fire 3100 - clean vents with compressed air?

    Ello Gentlemen! Well it's that time of year. Just finished sweeping the chimney and brushing off any visible and reachable buildup inside the stove. One thing I've been wondering is how to clean out the vents and air ducts, since there's inevitably some ash building up inside of them and...
  2. O

    Ashford 25 blaze king heat shield

    Hi all, we purchased an Ashford 25 blaze king and we’ve had unfortunately nothing but problems. It’s a beautiful stove, but the rheostat shorted on us and needed to be replaced, the bolt that attaches the lower cover became un- welded so we can’t currently reattach it, and now having problems...
  3. 2

    Cleaning behind plate of England's Stove Works Summers Heat 55-SHP22

    Purchased a England's Stove Works Summers Heat 55-SHP22 Refurb From Factory Pure. I had an PDV-25 and behind the big plate inside there was a large hole showing the ledges and was easy to clean with a short section of garden hose and my shop vacuum. Now with the new one being redesigned they...
  4. hearthtools

    A little video I did on annual service on a meridian by Enviro

  5. J

    Insert Questions: Easy Lighting Methods, Smoke Control, Improving Efficiency, Ash Clean up

    Hi Guys, So, glad I did my research before trying to connect a log lighter to a fireplace insert after reading all the 'KABOOM!' threads. With as forgetful and easily distracted as I am, we probably would have blown the insert to the moon, lol! We've been using the insert for a little more...