Cleaning behind plate of England's Stove Works Summers Heat 55-SHP22

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Nov 17, 2021
Troy, NY
Purchased a England's Stove Works Summers Heat 55-SHP22 Refurb From Factory Pure.

I had an PDV-25 and behind the big plate inside there was a large hole showing the ledges and was easy to clean with a short section of garden hose and my shop vacuum. Now with the new one being redesigned they only have a tiny little hole, leaving the bottom area just about inaccessible via the hole to clean .... WHY? How do you clean behind that plate, is there access some other way without having to tear the whole back off?

Frustrated !!!

Any help will be great.... Thanks T
Most do the leaf blower clean. it works the best for most stoves.
Leaf blower, its amazing what it will pull out of there.

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Most do the leaf blower clean. it works the best for most stoves.
will have to try leaf blower. What side from back or via the hole in fire pot chamber?

.. manual says nothing on how to clean via that small hole....

Under Monthly Cleaning..... Just says clean behind plate, nothing about cleaning out holes or how.

"The large baffle plate (12-5/8" x 9-3/8") that rests above and behind the burn pot (refer to the
section on "Proper Impingement Plate Placement" and the exploded diagram in the rear of this
manual – Illustration 6) should be removed monthly. This can be done by lifting up the plate and
pulling it out. The area behind the plate should then be cleaned thoroughly, and the plate placed back
in the original position"