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    Pleasant Hearth Auger Woes

    Hello! My name is Jason. This is my first post. I just purchased my first home, and it came with a Pleasant Hearth PH50CABPS. Before trying to fire the stove for the first time, I read the manual and thoroughly cleaned the entire unit. This included removing the pellets from the hopper and...
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    Enviro Windsor 220V Pellet Stove Extinguishes After Lighting

    I am located in Chiba, Japan and have a circa 2004 Enviro Windsor 220V stove. The outfit that sold and supported these 220V models in Japan is long gone. The stove lights fine and gets a nice flame, then the pellets stop feeding and it dies and light #3 blinks. I have followed all the...
  3. G

    American Harvest 6039 auger keeps shifting to side

    We have an American harvest 6039, last year the auger would shift and hit the wall and stop feeding. We had the auger motor replaced by a technician the auger isn’t bent but it’ll feed 4 to 5 times then shift against the wall and that’s it we’ll clean it out and does it again. We’re new to this...
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    Auger Motor inconsistent voltage

    Hi All: I’ve been using a Regency GFI55 for a couple years now. Last year mid-season, the stove was having issues so I replaced the auger motor and all was well (or seemed well). Same problem started again, but with more troubleshooting, deeper cleaning and more focus. Randomly the auger...
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    Could it be the Control Board? Inconsistencies in Pellet Feed on Englander 25PDVC-55SHP10

    For quite awhile, I was having trouble with my Auger Motor speeds, due to having incorrect motors. Finally got it swapped out & the stove was running like a CHARM for a solid month. Somewhere along the line, it started running hot again. This happened following a routine shutdown & cleaning. I...