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  1. J

    New to wood stoves & could use some advice!

    We just purchased a house that has an old, rusted out wood stove. We had it inspected, and it's absolutely unsafe to use. We live in Ohio and have 2 local dealers - one sells Vermont Castings and one sells Kuma. We're looking to heat our 1700sqft cape cod style home, nearly full time. There's a...
  2. agbegin

    Newbie looking to buy my first wood stove. Have a few (many) questions

    Hi all, am new here. Have been googling for weeks to no avail on some of my questions, and after pouring over a bunch of threads, feel like I could fare much better engaging with the community here. I have a 1960s house, 2200 sq ft, in New England. I just sold off the pellet stove insert that...
  3. R

    Considering removing wood insert - where do I start?

    Hello! I am excited to have found this website and am hoping to get my beginner questions answered here as I don't know where else to turn. I bought a 1954 house a year ago. It was previously a rental and in general, needs a lot of TLC. There is an old fireplace with a wood insert. The roof was...
  4. B

    Installing a outside air kit

    Hi everyone I posted on here a while back. Everyone was awesome. I could use some help. I have an old quadrafire 2100 i’m trying to get into optimal conditions for winter. I live in a prefab home(mobile ish) and I’m not sure why one was never installed just moved several months ago. Could...
  5. J

    Craft Wood Stove running through wood

    I got an craft wood stove from my cousin and I've had it for about a month. I am BURNING through would like no other. If I put 4/5 pieces of split wood 4in thick, Itll burn through it in about an hour. Should this be happening? I am closing the bottom dampers about 90-95% of the way and closing...
  6. S

    New Furnace & Initial Setup Recommendations

    Hi everyone, first timer here but have been researching for a bit. Need some help… I have a ~3000 sq. ft. home in the snow belt of Ohio. Temps can get well below the 30s most of the winter and we see single digits pretty regularly here. My house is 100% electric. I have a wood burning...
  7. 4

    Newbie needs help identifying stove

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to join the club sooner, but my starter house didn't come with so much as a chimney... house number two did, however, along with a wood burning stove! I've been anxious to use this thing and, now that winter is approaching, it's time to know what I have and, more...