Installing a outside air kit

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May 11, 2019
Hi everyone I posted on here a while back. Everyone was awesome. I could use some help. I have an old quadrafire 2100 i’m trying to get into optimal conditions for winter. I live in a prefab home(mobile ish) and I’m not sure why one was never installed just moved several months ago. Could someone hep me find a good place to find one to buy (the air kit)? I am attaching a manual I found(pg 15 talks about air kit), it looks like its a 3 in diameter connection.
Also, I have a feeling the flue needs to be cleaned. Anything else I can do to make sure I get optimal performance? I appreciate links. I’m trying to become knowledgeable and keep my wife and daughter warm. Thanks everyone!


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Home Depot has everything you need. Dont use anything combustible. I used snaptite pipe and a dryer vent hood with rodent screen. I removed the flapper. Straight shot out the back. What are your routing options?
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What do you mean by routing options? I was planning on making a hole through the wall behind it.
i went on home depots website And saw snap-tite connecters but they all were small diameters. If its not a bother coupd you take pictures of that setup?
Didnt know if you could go straight out the back or not. I use the term Snaptite as a generic name for any metal snap together pipe. I may have bought at Lowes, I cant keep everything straight I know so much. Hahaha.

Here is a post I made awhile ago:

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Sweet that helps a ton! 2 last questions about your install the hole you made in your wall did you make sure there was a stud under the pipe? And second it looks like your pipe goes into your stoves face plate, yes? You didn’t have to buy a face plate?
Hopefully your stove will be situated where the pipe going straight out the back will go between studs. In the unlucky event you have a stud there then that will be a headache. You will need to use an elbow to offset the intake pipe. My stove came with both a solid plate and a plate with a 4" hole in it. The solid plate would be if you were going through the bottom of the pedestal with the intake, then you block off the back with the solid plate. Going through the wall I just used a very long drill bit and drilled through the wall in my chosen location to the outside. Then used that hole on the outside to center my 4" hole. Cut drywall and siding, stick hand into insulation and spread a hole in it and slide pipe through. WaaLaa.