outside air kit

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    Outside Air intake through floor - cause colder temps below house?

    Hello all, posting from Alaska during an especially cold snap. We have an 1980's Arrow woodstove that we've known probably needs an outside air intake (it's quite drafty in our small home with this large woodstove). We're in an A-frame on sonotubes about 18-24" above the ground. Running an...
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    OAK for masonry fireplace?

    I had an old Cemi II hazard wood stove in my masonry fireplace and have decided the risk isn't worth it (I can't see flames inside it anyway, and that was the whole point). I am planning to remove the wood stove, clean the firebox, clean the flue, and install a top damper. The fireplace is in...
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    Outside Air Kit touching Exhaust. Is this bad?

    I just had my new P68 installed yesterday, and noticed the OAK line is sitting on the exhaust. Is this going to create any problems in the future?
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    Installing a outside air kit

    Hi everyone I posted on here a while back. Everyone was awesome. I could use some help. I have an old quadrafire 2100 i’m trying to get into optimal conditions for winter. I live in a prefab home(mobile ish) and I’m not sure why one was never installed just moved several months ago. Could...
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    Air Intake - Bucket Method Questions

    Bit of a newb here and this forum has been super helpful. I bought a used NC30 and installed it in my basement (replacing the old stove) and it made me very happy last winter. Thanks for all the advice. Looking forward to an even warmer one this year. With the basement install air and startup...
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    suggestions on outside air kit for avalon astoria

    When the pellet stove is running my wife has an itchy nose, when its off it slowly goes away. we had a small leak on the exhaust I found which is now sealed and he nose is continuing to itch. When I swapped the propane furnace filter I noticed the color was darker than usual. We run the...