suggestions on outside air kit for avalon astoria

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Jan 12, 2016
jordan, ny
When the pellet stove is running my wife has an itchy nose, when its off it slowly goes away. we had a small leak on the exhaust I found which is now sealed and he nose is continuing to itch. When I swapped the propane furnace filter I noticed the color was darker than usual.

We run the furnace fan year round to help even the temperature between upstairs and downstairs - so even though the ducting could probably use a cleaning I'm leaning towards the pellet stove. As far as what is happening, not really sure - in part I wonder if the negative pressure from the pellet stove is pulling dust from inside the walls and the furnace is in turn circulating it. just a thought

either way I would like to try an outside air kit on our Avalon Astoria pellet stove.

1) the tube on the rear is 1-3/4" OD - suggestions on a kit which has a nice cap on the outside?
2) the tube goes from round to square as it enters the pellet stove from the rear - shortly after turning square there is a square/rectangular cutout which will still eat inside air get pulled in - there are two screws above it which don't seem to be doing anything - should there be a block-off plate here?

Don't know much about your stove, but a quick google finds this:

Installation manual:

Page 11 shows the OAK requirements:

Must be made with 1 3/4" diameter or larger metal or aluminum duct with a metal screen attached to the end to keep out rodents (P.V.C. or other combustible materials may not be used). We recommend the Travis Industries Outside Air Kit (part # 99200136).

Travis Industries has a PDF detailing that kit:

The local dealer should be able to provide info on purchasing the needed kit. If not, contact the home office:

TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC., 4800 Harbour Pointe Blvd. SW, Mukilteo, WA 98275

All that said, it looks like you need a 1 3/4" flexible hose. It should be of a non-combustible material. For my own installation I used flex-pipe I sourced at an auto supply house. The connection at the stove does not need to be airtight...but I do have mine wrapped at that joint with silicone tape rather than a clamp to compress. Just needs to go out the wall, terminating outside far enough away from the exhaust vent to meet local code. Protection at the outside could be as simple as a homemade hardware cloth cap. Remember to cover that cap in the off season, to keep insects from setting up a household.

Am I the only one that's going to respond to this question? about getting bad advice...
thanks. I'm having hard time locating the Travis kit for purchase so I'll call the dealer I got the stove from. Agree it sounds like a regular flex pipe that is rated is the minimum. The fancy cap is just preference :)
thanks. I'm having hard time locating the Travis kit for purchase so I'll call the dealer I got the stove from. Agree it sounds like a regular flex pipe that is rated is the minimum. The fancy cap is just preference :)

I'm amazed that there was not more response to this question. Maybe it was PowerBall Fever? Or the weather finally getting colder, and more of the forum denizens sitting in a stupor with a beer in their hands and a smile on their face in front of their stoves?

I'd contact the dealer direct, see if they have it or have access to it. If not, contact the manufacturer, see if they can point you to a local supplier.

If they can't, have them ship one to you direct.
The fancy cap is just preference :)

I got a fancy cap for you right here:

I used a dryer vent for mine. Took out the flapper and glued a nice stainless steel sink strainer to the opening. Reduced it down to 3". Used semi rigid 3" aluminum flex from lowes and just squished the end down with a clamp on the stove.

But you could get the right adapters from auto parts store to fit 1 3/4" - 3" so it looked better.
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