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  1. F

    OAK for masonry fireplace?

    I had an old Cemi II hazard wood stove in my masonry fireplace and have decided the risk isn't worth it (I can't see flames inside it anyway, and that was the whole point). I am planning to remove the wood stove, clean the firebox, clean the flue, and install a top damper. The fireplace is in...
  2. N

    Napoleon 1400PL - leg model - outdoor air intake.

    Hi everyone! long time,listener, first time caller. I own a relatively newish Napoleon 1400-PL (leg model). I also own an older, (air) leaky house that will greatly benefit from an OAK (outdoor air kit). Mostly due to condensation on windows, drawing cold air in from my leaky house and...
  3. Y

    Outside Air Kit touching Exhaust. Is this bad?

    I just had my new P68 installed yesterday, and noticed the OAK line is sitting on the exhaust. Is this going to create any problems in the future?
  4. A

    Blaze King Princess Outside Air Kit Frost

    I have a blazeking princess with an OAK installed and would like to insulate the fresh air vent pipe to reduce condensation. I’m having trouble finding fire resistant insulation to use. I picked up some foil backed fiberglass duct insulation from Home Depot, took a lighter to a piece of it and...
  5. D

    Harman p35i: How to connect existing outside air intake vent on firebox floor to pellet stove?

    Hi, I'm about to purchase a Harman p35i. I requested my dealer include an OAK for the installation. They noted that I have an existing outside air intake vent on the bottom of the firebox floor, which is true, but they didn't explain what they were planning on doing with it to satisfy my OAK...
  6. ReggieT

    Wood ID Help?

    Hey Guys, Nabbed these up from a blowdown close to my neighborhood. The 1st three pics of the reddish big rounds I thought were Cherry, they smell sweet, but lack the dark red heartwood of cherry. Don't split quite as easy any cherry I've harvested either!!!! Here are pics of bark, a slabbed...
  7. N

    Modern FP30 Install Pics & Cold Air Draft OAK Problem?

    Good things... this thing heats amazing and turned out beautiful. But... went through a whole winter last year with a bad draft at the bottom of the stove where the control arm is. Assuming it's the 4" OAK to outside that's causing it... what to do? I don't have room for a damper inside (thought...
  8. T

    Zero Clearance Outside Air Kit for FP30 - how hot does it get?

    I recently had a zero clearance fireplace installed, the Pacific Energy FP30 Arch, and requested an outside air kit be installed. The installer used an insulated flex pipe to the fireplace, but the flexible pipe appears to be of a polyester material instead of metal - similar to the one in this...
  9. M

    Air Intake - Bucket Method Questions

    Bit of a newb here and this forum has been super helpful. I bought a used NC30 and installed it in my basement (replacing the old stove) and it made me very happy last winter. Thanks for all the advice. Looking forward to an even warmer one this year. With the basement install air and startup...
  10. R

    Red oak?

    Hey all. I posted pictures of my 1/4 cord of wood the other day to verify that it was Red Oak (I am not knowledgeable so I had to place a bit of trust in the guy delivering it). I had very helpful replies and most of them said they needed closer pictures of the wood. I noticed when taking these...
  11. CenterTree

    Englander 30NC OAK fabrication -- 2 inlets?

    Going to install a homemade Outside Air Kit on the basement 30NC. At first glance I thought it would be an easy straight forward job. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that besides the typical 3 inch circular inlet hole at the back of this stove, there is an additional small rectangular...
  12. W

    Miscellaneous Questions

    Hello all, I figured I would post a few questions to help me understand pellet stoves better (did not want to create 3+ threads). I assume this was the better method. I have learned alot from this forum but want to make sure on a few things. 1. Combustion blower what does this do? (suck gases...
  13. J

    Quadrafire Contour Outside Air Kit Issues

    Hello all, I am on my second season using a new to me Quadrafire Contour. Last season I did not have the OAK installed and the windows and doors were very drafty. This year I decided to install the OAK so I screwed the adapter on the back/bottom of the stove. I then installed a short section of...
  14. E

    Need wood to burn... would you buy this?

    Hey Guys, I'm rather new to wood burning and am having my Insert and SS liner installed tomorrow. I have about a cord of mostly oak that I bought from a local back in Dec. but it's definitely a mixed bag as far as how seasoned it is and most pieces read 20-30% after splitting and reading with...
  15. K

    Getting outside Air through Masonry?

    No, I'm not asking how to suck outside air directly through Brick (though that would be handy in this case)... 30 year old split level house with a small wood stove, & Hearth, with a 6 inch through-the-wall vent on the 1st floor (the 1st floor is at ground level, not an enclosed basement). The...
  16. John Ackerly

    Which stoves have outside air kits that are really tight?

    I hear that a lot of outside air kits bring outdoor air right into the stove, but the stove still uses some room air. Is that true? I'm curious because Alliance for Green Heat often gets questions from people building "green" homes, and some are trying to get passive house certification, which...
  17. MisterFixIT

    Anatomy of an O.A.K. Install

    After 8 years of burning wood and putting in a new wood stove I have finally gotten tired of having cold feet. The wood stove sucks in air from all the cracks around the windows in the back rooms and it tumbles down the wall to the floor and races across the floor down the hallway before...
  18. P

    suggestions on outside air kit for avalon astoria

    When the pellet stove is running my wife has an itchy nose, when its off it slowly goes away. we had a small leak on the exhaust I found which is now sealed and he nose is continuing to itch. When I swapped the propane furnace filter I noticed the color was darker than usual. We run the...