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    Outside Air for Pacific Summit LE Insert

    Hi all, I'm a newbie and have been reading through the very useful information here. Thank you! I've narrowed down my choice of insert to the Pacific Energy Summit LE insert. When talking to the dealer this weekend, he happened to mention that this model doesn't have an option to pull outside...
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    Installing a outside air kit

    Hi everyone I posted on here a while back. Everyone was awesome. I could use some help. I have an old quadrafire 2100 i’m trying to get into optimal conditions for winter. I live in a prefab home(mobile ish) and I’m not sure why one was never installed just moved several months ago. Could...
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    Outside venting

    I just purchased a Harmon XXV, planning to vent it through my chimney, do I need outside air or will chimney have enough draft. (1500 ft Cape, pellet stove in living room, chimney runs from basement through attic, three floors. Yes I have separate ceramic flues in chimney, one for furnace, one...
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    Harmon XXV - OAK Kit

    When my stove was installed they used the 2 7/8 alum flex pipe I already had for Wood Stove outside air. It was not in the best of shape and not exactly the right size. Manual calls for 2 3/8 flex pipe. Harmon XXV Air Port works best with 3" flex pipe (fits outside diameter). Why...
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    getting stoves to coexist on two floors - possible?

    This is the general version of a specific question ( https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/intrepid-defiant-vigilant-mess.164195/ ). Scenario: Two story house, upside down with bedrooms below and kitchen/living up. Cold climate. Desire: A small stove downstairs for morning heat, to take the...
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    Getting outside Air through Masonry?

    No, I'm not asking how to suck outside air directly through Brick (though that would be handy in this case)... 30 year old split level house with a small wood stove, & Hearth, with a 6 inch through-the-wall vent on the 1st floor (the 1st floor is at ground level, not an enclosed basement). The...
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    Condensation on Wood Stove / Outside Air Piping

    Hello. I had a wood stove installed a few years ago. The stove is a Quadra-Fire Explorer II. When I was inspecting the wood stove earlier this year, I noticed a significant amount of surface rust on the bottom back of the stove. I didn't understand why there was so much surface rust build...
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    Outside Air for Morsoe 7900 series

    Has anyone installed a Morsoe 7900 series stove with direct, outside air? I would like to see/hear about your setup, especially if the supply pipe goes downward instead out back of stove.
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    Lopi Answer - Cover Plat

    Hello: Just had my new Answer installed. The installer installed a Cover Plate around the air control. There are two different size cover plates. One that covers the top half - this one is narrower. There is a wider cover plate that covers the whole of the save around the air control. This...