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  1. R

    How hot before turning stove down

    Fitting a wood stove to a super-insulated ICF house isn't easy. There's not much guidance out there. I have a new Lopi Evergreen stove (with legs) 12,000 - 70,000 BTUs. I have a new construction ICF house with finished basement, main floor, and 2nd level. Each level is 1280 square feet for a...
  2. S

    Pacific Energy Vista vs Super inserts

    Looking for some help on which insert to buy for our house. The living room where the insert will sit is about 415 square feet with 8 ft ceilings. It then connects to a bedroom directly that is about 150 square feet. There is also a 8 foot hallway that connects to a room that’s about 115 square...
  3. Karottop

    Calculating a Stove's BTU/hour

    I've recently installed two wood stoves in my house. The upstairs stove is an Osburn 1600 insert and the basement stove is Buck Stove model 80. The buck stove is gigantic - it barely fit in my fireplace and has a 2.6 cu/ft firebox The Obsburn looks newer but only has a 1.8 cu/ft firebox Whats...
  4. F

    Btu calculators

    New member here - Just picked up a St. Croix SCF 050 for use in a workshop/pole barn. I checked the Btu rating of the SCF 050 and find it to be listed at around 45,000. My building is 30 x 54 with 10' to the bottom of the trusses. Right now there is no insulation but a ceiling and walls both...
  5. J

    Please help me choose stove size

    hello, My girlfriend and I are building a house and want to use a pellet stove as the primary heat source. I've been doing a lot of research, but feel like I'm not much closer to answers. We are building in Montana. We regularly hit 20 below zero (f). Last year the mercury read -35 for about a...
  6. BeachBumm

    Lange #6302a BTU Rating?

    I have an old Lang 6302a that I am thinking about replacing with something new. I know how it heats our beach cabin, but have no idea what that means for the BTU's. Does anybody here know the BTU rating that Lang put on these old 6302's? I'd also like some advice on what to buy. I'm not...
  7. S

    Calculating btu's- how does this pertain to boiler ratings.

    My understanding is that it takes 8.33 btus to raise 1 gal of water 1 degree f. If so, an 1800 gallon tank needs (at least) 8.33 x 1800 = 15,000 btu's? If the mfg. states 1 firing will raise the water temp approx. 30 degrees (with no load)...then 1 firing is 450,000 btu's. This unit is rated...
  8. M

    How to Estimate Usable BTUs

    Hello all, I've recently discovered the forum and have spent a while reading articles on this site. I'm impressed by how much information is here. Thank you to all who have started this site and have contributed throughout the years. My question is how to estimate the usable BTU output of a...
  9. H

    Nice look with less heat?

    I have read a some threads here and appreciate the knowledge you all have. I am hoping you can help me. We are building a new house and are putting a direct vent fireplace in the family room. We live in NY and the house is about 4000 sq ft. We have a high efficiency heater so we don't really...
  10. O

    Determination of Thermal Capacity

    Hello everyone! I got a stove aprox. five years ago, it is a kind of a industrial one (not commercial). The problem is that I´m trying to get the info for the thermal capacity(BTU´s) for the stove, to determine it´s natural gas consumption (I got other machines that consume gas too). There is...