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  1. CRJ700

    Large Spiders making a home in my wood shed

    I tried searching the forum for this since I would assume this is a common issue but no such luck. I have two wood storage areas on my property. The first is a wood shed that holds about 2 cords. I keep some semi seasoned wood in there that I use to restock my seasoned wood rack that I keep...
  2. S

    Storing firewood inside in a plastic container

    Hi All, I am in NJ where its constantly humid and i have local oak which is taking forever to season.. Anyway i am thinking of placing the wood in a plastic container with a portable battery powered dehumidifier, or perhaps salt or calcium carbonate to continue to store and season this winter...
  3. Jotel me this

    Stink bugs INSIDE wood stove AND house??

    I just got back from a 3-day vacation, come home, open the door to my F-55, and POW!.. a dozen stink bugs fly into my face, causing all kinds of ruckus. How could they have possibly got INTO my stove?? Doing some investigation, it looks like some of them are creeping into the house from where...