Storing firewood inside in a plastic container

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Jan 20, 2020
New Jersey
Hi All, I am in NJ where its constantly humid and i have local oak which is taking forever to season.. Anyway i am thinking of placing the wood in a plastic container with a portable battery powered dehumidifier, or perhaps salt or calcium carbonate to continue to store and season this winter indoors. Anyone have any thoughts on this? the container would prevent bugs from escaping and the indoor setting would allow heat. Ideally actually i would love to get the wood to help humidifiy the already dry winter air!
@Hogwildz did this one season in Rubbermaid totes to accelerate drying of his wood. It helped.
A friend of mine got one of those plastic mini-greenhouses, stuck it in the sun, and filled it with firewood. Water was running down the walls for a couple weeks, then it quit and that wood was bone dry. Maybe add a small fan to the setup and you've got a pretty effective solar kiln.
if you split your wood and put it in a wood shed right away your looking at 18 months.. Im in NJ and have mostly oak also and I'm not having any issues with the wood seasoning property.. if you split your wood say January/February 2020 its ready to burn October 2021.. late spring,summer,early fall is for drying not splitting..
you could do a quick kiln.. theres still some time left if the wood is already on racks
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I stack it, and top cover with clear shower curtains from Dollar Tree. Works great!

Replace shower curtains when winter is coming w/ tarps. Reuse shower curtains the next year ;)