1. D

    DIY thermal storage

    Hi everyone, Im looking to get a froling s3 turbo or possibly an effecta to replace my hs tarm 500. I'm having trouble finding a NYSERDA qualified installer near me in the lower Hudson Valley of Orange county NY, but fingers crossed because I need the incentives to afford it. Do any of you...
  2. D

    Just Curious - How Many Store Pellets Outside?

    Bay by Dataman posted Sep 17, 2018 at 4:03 PMI have building with Bays that are open on one side. Thinking of Storing Pellets in the bay that is on Leeward Side (Sheltered from Wind). Yes I know indoor is best place. But still thinking of moving car to bay and pellets to heated garage...
  3. T

    Storage recommendations?

    hello to all, I’m a brand new to this burning wood gig, have a few questions if y’all dont mind. I plan on getting a wheeler load of tree length logs delivered. I was told it should be around 12ish green full cord for 1500 dollars. Can’t seem to find anything around me for less than 200 dollars...
  4. nhtreehouse

    Wood Framing Between Tank and Foam Insulation?

    Hi All, I've been lurking around for a while, and am working on installing a wood/pellet boiler system in an outbuilding. It's all coming along quite well, and I'll post an install thread once I get it up and running. I've converted a propane tank and have insulated between the tank and the...
  5. T

    Eko Attack35

    Hello. I'm a newbie. We are building a new house and I'm going to put radiant heat in the floor, add a heat exchanger in a propane furnace to heat the upstairs, and do some minimal ice melt. Total heated space in house/garage will be 4,100 sq ft and maybe 350 sq ft of ice melt. As this is...
  6. P

    Storing Pellets in proximity to Stove

    Hey there, Relatively new to the pellet stove scene and I can't find this info online. I have 2 tons of pellets and no interior space to store them all, so I took 2 weeks worth of pellets inside and tightly tarped the rest outside. The only real place to store them is about 1 foot away from my...
  7. K

    New storage box with exterior door

    Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, pictures about creating an interior wood storage box with a loading door on the exterior of house?