New storage box with exterior door

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Jan 23, 2016
Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, pictures about creating an interior wood storage box with a loading door on the exterior of house?
I know someone who uses a large PVC tube with a screw on cap as a slide through a basement window to get wood inside.
There's a youtube video with that same concept, the guy loads the wood that's in his garage into the box, it has a double door on the inside that he pulls the wood through, it seems pretty ingenious but remember you have to build it like a window frame if you going through a load bearing wall.
I knocked a hole through the (external) wall directly under a window - the lintel for that provides the support. Added inside and outside doors to the "hatch", and then a removable block of insulation to push in snugly between the two. The hatch is about 2' square, and I keep meaning to buy some 2nd hand rollers on eBay so that I can stick the roller out through the hatch, angle it so I can just place logs on it outside. Currently I throw them through the hatch and when they pile up (about one barrow load) I have to go inside and stack them, then "rinse and repeat"

I figure I can use the rollers when splitting too. I cut the delivered tree trunks to exact length (rounds) for the boiler, and transport them to the drying barn (and stack them). Then I put the splitter on the tractor PTO to Split and Stack. My thought was if I put the rollers along the stack row as I make each split I would put it on the rollers, and then when the rollers are "full" I'd stop splitting and start stacking instead. Currently I throw the splits down the row, so its more bending to then get them stacked. But that would just be the Icing on the Cake, the main benefit for me would be to use the rollers to get the logs straight through the store hatch to where I want to stack them inside.
Welcome KRS.
No pictures since I have not been in the house in over 30 years. My grandparents had an indoor/outdoor wood box that was very simple. Imagine a wood box maybe 2 feet wide at the bottom, 3 feet long and closed by tops on each side of the wall by a sloped top cover. The box got wider at the top than at the bottom so if you could measure the entire width at the top it might have been about 3 feet. It was between 2 and 3 feet tall, my best guess is about 30 inches. The "outside" part was located in a protected area of the attached wood shed so no snow, wind, etc. could get at it. The inside end was right near the kitchen wood cook stove so convenient to pull from on an "as needed" basis when cooking. That meant no other piles of wood sitting around waiting to be used. Both the inside and outside covers were hinged from the top to minimize any other impacts like dripping water from the wood shed roof and were sloped downward a little.
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