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    Need help! Removed pellet stove and hole in vinyl siding

    I sold our pellet stove as we didn't use it (previous owner purchased). After removing the stove, thimble, and pipe; I now have a hole in the siding which we can't replace to match. I was thinking of installing a new 'faux' thimble with a cap on the opening but can't figure out where to find a...
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    Well.... no tee clean out cap on SS Liner

    Hello, I am new to wood burners and this site but hopefully someone can give me some advice. My problem, So i recently had to reinstall a SS liner down my unlined interior chimney for a wood burning stove. I insulated the liner and added a SS Tee with clean out but my friend who was helping...
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    Chimney Leak with Wind/Heavy Rain

    Hi, First post. My brick chimney used to leak along the back wall of the firebox when it rained it was already capped. I had the chimney crown redone, retucked brick work and waterproofed whole chimney. After words the leaking decreased dramatically but did not stop completely during heavy...