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  1. C

    Jotul F400 Burn Control

    Hello All, Brand new to the forum, not new to woodburning. Recently upgraded my Quadrafire voyager insert to a Jotul F400 to get away from the blower and enable longer burns/easier ash removal. The F400 is a used stove I bought for $1K that I believe is in good shape. Stove is rear exit...
  2. E

    do I need a damper for this Jotul Castine?

    have had this Jotul for at least 15 years. Never thought to put a damper on it. The installer never mentioned it. What did I know? :) Should I add one? Is this a DIY process? I would need to remove and replace a section of pipe, correct?
  3. michoujordan76

    Outside air intake Jotul F400

    Hi all, I have a Jotul F400 set-up in front of my fireplace. I have an 1850s poorly insulated house with lots of leaks. I would like to attach an outside air intake and run it through the fireplace's ash dump. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the length of pipe for the outside air intake...
  4. B

    Jotul F400 Double Door vs Single Door Used

    I have been looking to get a used F400 and recently found a good deal on an older double door F400. I was originally only considering the single door designs. I am looking for any advice as the differences between the two models and if the single door design is much better and worth holding out...
  5. A

    F400 or F500: what size Jotul to replace an old VC Vigilant?

    I'm looking to upgrade our trusty 1977 VC Vigilant and I'm looking at both the Jotul F400 Castine and the F500 Oslo. I don't have any experience with EPA stoves and could use some advice about which is a better match in terms of heat output and burn time. We use the Vigilant as the sole heat...