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    Can you add cement board to shorten a firebox?

    Hi, My wife and I demoed a river rock fireplace facing and are now wondering... how can we clean this mess up? Our main question is: can we simply place a cement board over the front of the firebox to shorten it, or do we need to lower it with fire resistant bricks? We are thinking: 1...
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    'Drywalling' around a reg 2" air-gap Insulated Flue Pipe

    Hello, Previous owners installed a zero clearance wood fireplace out of code, allowing a ceiling joist to touch an insulated flue pipe (which requires a 2"air gap from combustibles). This was discovered after opening a wall we are renovating and leaving open. I know how to solve this problem by...
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    Cracking plaster around fireplace

    Our fireplace was modified two years ago for a wood stove by installing a stainless opening up the existing fire box, installing a lintel, adding brick and cement board w/portland cement, installing a chimney liner, and then plastering over it all with 0:1:3 (cement: hydrated lime: sand). By...
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    Simple Question for the experienced

    Hi Guys, So, about 3 years ago I purchased an Enviro Boston 1700 fireplace insert unit, and it has been great. The thing heats my 1800 sq. foot house exclusively. The room with the unit will usually be maintained at 75-80 degrees, while the furthest extremity of the house will remain about...
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    using cement/hardie board around fire pit

    I have built a fire pit out of 1/4" steel. 30"x30"x30". I want to attached real stone to the outside of it. I have purchased james hardie backerboard to attach to the metal as a base for my 4" thick stone (12x12x4) which are resting on ground and covering the fire pit. Could anyone let me...