using cement/hardie board around fire pit

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persian farmer

New Member
Apr 10, 2016
I have built a fire pit out of 1/4" steel. 30"x30"x30". I want to attached real stone to the outside of it. I have purchased james hardie backerboard to attach to the metal as a base for my 4" thick stone (12x12x4) which are resting on ground and covering the fire pit. Could anyone let me know if the hardieboard emit any gas upon getting heated up that may be hazardous? what approximate temperature would the steel get? Is there another material I can use to affix the stone to the metal (considering the stone is resting on ground)? thank you in advance.
I would use durock. My understanding is that hardie backerboard has cellulose in it. Not sure how well that will stand up over time in the rain.
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