Natural Gas fire pit insulation

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May 7, 2024
I am in process of building out backyard patio/yoga deck. I am building an 8' tall fireplace that has a see through natural gas fire pit with inset TV above on both sides. I did perimeter framing in treated 2x4 and inner near fire pit area with metal studs. The ceiling of where fire pit will go will be 1/2" cement board with porcelain tile. My question is the distance between top of fire pit and where the TV insert will be is roughly 13" Should I wrap insulation around top and sides of firepit walls to protect from heat? is a 36"x12" with 150k BTU

Note the steel studs is not completely framed out yet
Natural Gas fire pit insulation
I think you’d be better off using a couple of sections of zero clearance fireplace venting up the middle. That would draw the heat away from your tvs. There is an air gap between the inner section & outer section which should keep the “chimney cooler & the air flow up that path would lower the heat out of the fireplace openings. It may be logistically impossible in your situation, but I think it might be a better design. Just my $.02…
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I should have specified there will be no glass on the front or back. It will be all open for air to pass through and heat to escape. I did it this way in hopes to prevent a vent as I dont have room for it.
What is the appliance that you are planning to install?
Here is better example of what I am working with. I still need to do cement board on sides and cover with tile. I am thinking of ceramic fiber insulation op the sides and over top of the 3 steel cross studs you see. Nothing on bottom as in my experience there isnt much heat on bottom of these fire pans.

Natural Gas fire pit insulation