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Dec 20, 2016
Forest VA
Hi Guys,

So, about 3 years ago I purchased an Enviro Boston 1700 fireplace insert unit, and it has been great. The thing heats my 1800 sq. foot house exclusively. The room with the unit will usually be maintained at 75-80 degrees, while the furthest extremity of the house will remain about 65-70.

Anyway, in the unit are particle boards that lay in the top of the Unit. These boards force the fire up around them, and also keep ash and gases in to maintain the secondary burn.

One of my boards broke, and I cannot for the life of me find out what they are made of, or where to find a replacement. I can't find a customer service number for Enviro on their website, and the store I purchased it from was no help.

Can I just use a cement board, or will that not be able to withstand the direct heat?

Thanks all!
The C-Cast baffle is covered under the warranty as long as it wasn't broken by abuse. Your dealer should know this and get a replacement for you.
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