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Dec 1, 2023
hey all,
having a bit of a nightmare situation here. we have a drolet bistro. Canadian clearances to double wall chimney and combustibles are included in images.

in order to have our stove meet minimum floor pad clearances, we need 18 front, 8 either side, and 8 behind. the wood stove is under 27 inches wide so 27 + 16 = 43, so minimum floor protection is 43 inches wide but our wett tech and contractors made the hearth pad 51.5 inches wide and told us that was the minimum. he was going to be making the stones himself and installing them. i suspect the cement stone moulds are 17 inches wide and he just wanted it to be easy to lay 3 across.

we have an alcove/inglenook in an old chimney breast that was the only place for the chimney to go, in order for our woodstove to be in the best placement in our house. chimney has been installed, going through the whole height of the house which was a fiasco and a half, but this is a story about clearances, not chimneys.

so, the woodstove is going to be more than 8 inches from combustibles at the rear because the alcove is 14 inches deep. we planned to put hearthstone on the cement board that has been installed there.

the hearth starts at the back of the alcove which is again, 14 inches deep and 44 inches wide at the rear wall, one inch wider than the required floor pad clearances.

the guys then proceeded to say that the woodstove has to be out in the middle of the room, 15 inches away from the corners of the alcove, citing measurement B on the included diagrams as being the measurement for that particular clearance. the confusing part for me, is that there is no side wall on either side of the wood stove, as the stove is not meant to sit inside the alcove but in front of it, in my mind, 5 inches away from combustibles on each corner, as delineated by measurement C, and 15 inches from the stove pipe, measurement F. my measurements C and F put the woodstove much closer to the alcove and the floor pad would have a smaller footprint than the one they made which is over 50 inches deep in front of the alcove (not including the 14 inches inside the alcove, which are behind the stove, for a grand total of 65 inches deep), and as mentioned before, 51.5 inches wide. the floor pad in front of the alcove only needs to be 41 1/4 inches deep because our stove is 23 1/4 deep/long. 23.25 + 18 in front = 41.25, with the remaining 14 inches in the back covering those 8 rear inches.

i am very disappointed that they have drilled plywood into our original 1875 wood floors at these egregious dimensions when they said they would meet minimums for us to avoid stubbed toes and maintain the flow of the room as it is not a huge room . they say the corner of the wood stove needs to be 15 inches from the edges of the alcove (the green lines in the photo of the stove and alcove), as they used measurement B, clearances to an adjacent wall. in my mind, the edges of this alcove are not an adjacent wall but a corner, and only need to be 5 inches from the corner of the stove HOWEVER, they will always be at least 8 inches away from those corners even if we pushed the wood stove right back to the entrance of the alcove because of the width of the alcove.

please help because we have a nearly 52inch wide by 65 inch floor pad where we think there should only be a 43inch wide by 55.25 inch floor pad (again, our stove is under 27 wide and 23.25 deep).

very stressed.

3423DDAA-1EF1-469A-826F-FE81626A8DC7.jpeg DC6E7346-65B2-409E-81D6-C1BCF81E9933.jpeg 8A5593FE-63B1-4D53-8B2B-F94E6A66CA3B.jpeg IMG_5076.jpeg IMG_5097.jpeg
I would be concerned about the stovepipe to chimney adaptor location clearances at the ceiling.

The rest of the clearances can be reduced with proper wall shielding I think.

Check your stove manual. It is a wealth of info.

Asked and answered in this thread.
Asked and answered in this thread.
lol that was my partner … I didn’t realize we were both posting the same thing. I worked so hard on my post and had a headache while writing it and got zero answers 😂 next time I’m just taking Advil and going to bed instead of trying to solve problems
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