chimney inspection

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  1. B

    Classic case of being upsold, or actually an issue?

    Lots to unpack here, but I'll try to be brief. Moved back into a family home 1.5 years ago and replaced an original VC Defiant with a new 2021 Defiant. Kept the setup the exact same for ease. Got a sweep and got to work burning. I had someone come out to do an inspection this Fall and not...
  2. cr0

    Should we get chimney inspected/cleaned?

    We had a Princess 29 Insert installed at the start of March and used it more or less daily for the next 4 to 5 weeks. We tried to follow best practices but did bump around the learning curve a little, so I'm sure not all our fires were ideal in their rhythms and temperature patterns. And, of...
  3. R

    Chamber Parging Necessary?

    New to the site - thanks in advance for any help! Long story short, bought a house back in August, didn't have an in depth chimney inspection, just the general home inspection that pointed out some cracks in the firebox. No big deal, just some filler mortar for those. We just had our chimney...
  4. A

    Laps in New House Chimney Inspection

    Good afternoon. Not sure if this is the place to get the answer to this question or not. So please advise as appropriate. I recently purchased a house in Maryland. I got a home inspection, but not a chimney inspection of the wood burning chimney. I just had the chimney inspected as we are in...