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    Regency ci2600 in Power Outage

    We had a big snowstorm here. The power went out. We had to burn with our insert’s door open, otherwise it output very little heat. After 24 hrs with the power out, our house was in the 50s. I bought this insert as a backup in a power outage. Not thrilled. It really does very little without...
  2. F

    Regency CI2600 vs PE Neo 2.5

    We are going to convert our fireplace to a wood burning insert this winter. I have narrowed down my options to the Regency CI2600 and the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5. I had originally decided on the Neo, but the fireplace installer I plan on going with has a special deal on the CI2600 that makes...
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    Regency ci2600 questions

    I have been a lurker for a while and wanted to thank everyone for the insight and advice provided. This forum ultimately influenced my switch from a Quadrafire Voyager Grand to a Regency ci2600 stove and i'm happy with the choice as the Quad would not have put out enough heat for my house (the...
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    Regency CI2600 tips, tricks and general discussion.

    I know there is a post already about this stove but it went every direction mostly when people were having issues with them. I just installed mine and have been burning it the last couple days. So far so good. Now that it seems Regency has fixed the issue. What's everyone think.