Regency ci2600 questions

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Jan 3, 2016
Long Island, NY
I have been a lurker for a while and wanted to thank everyone for the insight and advice provided. This forum ultimately influenced my switch from a Quadrafire Voyager Grand to a Regency ci2600 stove and i'm happy with the choice as the Quad would not have put out enough heat for my house (the wife is, too, as she prefers the modern look of the Regency).

I have a couple of questions.. the first is about the glass, I had the stove installed in October and it's well broken-in at this point. However, I cannot seem to keep the glass clear. I've been burning full loads and inside gets up to 1300 sometimes, but by the time the stove cools, there's always soot on the left and right lower corners of the glass about half way up and the same distance across. As I continue to reload and burn, the glass gets more and more fouled. I've read that temps around 30's and burning temps around 1200-1300 with air wash should keep it clear, but this hasn't been the case. By the time I've been burning for 4 or 5 days, I have to let the stove cool and clean the glass or i wouldn't be able to see inside (there's a couple inches of visibility across the tho but pretty much blacked out otherwise.

Another question is about a slight smell of smoke that i have when burning with the blower on. I'm using mostly seasoned wood that's around 20% (checked with a moisture meter randomly through the cord), but im not sure if its unseasoned pieces causing the smell. I use a wet ash paste (water and ash) and newspaper to clean the glass and it works well and i use the edge of a razor blade to scrape the stuff at the edges that is very difficult to get off even with elbow grease. I can typically fully clean the glass in 20 min or so, but im wondering if the ash paste or blade has possibly damaged the gasket on the door, hence the slight smoke smell. I just started smelling it a couple of days ago, but I took a break from burning due to the unusually warm weather in the Northeast this year.

Thanks for your feedback.
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