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  1. J

    Building heat exchanger insert

    Hello, this is my first post. Found this forum while searching around for advice on how air flows around the house and how inserts work etc. I have two main questions at this time. A little background. I like to build things as that's what I do. And Inserts are crazy expensive, so I built...
  2. R

    Discolouration patch on glass

    Hello! I noticed a discoloured patch on the glass. It almost has rainbow tones to its edges. I’m not sure of the correct term for it. My questions are - will it just go away? - if not, how do I remove it (hoping it isn’t permanent)? - how do I prevent it again? For context, it only showed...
  3. S

    Question about replaced glass panels in my wood burning insert

    Hello All, I was hoping to pick the community's brain on proper install for some replacement glass inserts I just had made for my older wood burning insert (1979 Phoenix Manufacturing wood-burning insert). I had Robax inserts made as I understand these resist more heat than ceramic or tempered...
  4. L

    Need glass gasket for dutchwest 2479

    First- thank you to anyone who ever posted here regarding the Dutchwest 2479. With all the info I found here I decided to purchase one to replace a VC Defiant. I LOVE this stove!! In my third season and finding I need to replace the gasket around the glass. Been searching the internet for hours...
  5. C

    Jotul 8 - front grill not fitting?

    Hi folks, just picked up a second one of these.. my first is in my home and we love it. This is the original with the spin draft on the front. The second one we just purchased for my parents home and it was even cleaner than the one we got, but there is an issue. When I put the log/ash...
  6. A

    Help me identify Avalon stove model please

    Was using the stove for the second time this year and caught a log while closing the door. As you can see, I cracked the glass and will need to replace it :(. Problem is, I cannot figure out what exact model of stove I have. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me identify the stove...
  7. VirginiaIron

    What have you done to your stove/chimney today?

    I checked the top of the stove for straightness and cleaned out the firebox and gave my stove a thorough inspection from the outside while checking seams and welds. From the inside via the firebox and the throat, I checked welds, looked for corrosion, and assessed the condition of the baffle. I...
  8. P

    Fun Fire Fireplace

    Hello, I've been looking for an inexpensive used wood stove in my area. I found this one offered for $200 and think it would be great. The firebox is made of glass and should give off nice light in my basement and I'd like being able to see the fire. If it is/was a great stove, I'd expect...
  9. A

    Morso 1440 and 6143, hearth pads

    We are building a new house, and have chosen the Morso 1440 (convection squirrel) and Morso 6143 for our two main living spaces. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them generally, and get advice on choosing/ making a low-profile hearth pad. We are considering glass under the Morso 6143 (to show...
  10. VirginiaIron

    Why does my clean burning stove burn dirty

    I believe this is some helpful information for some of us who may have difficulty learning how to use a clean burning stove properly. This information has helped us. There was a learning curve with our new stove. We are getting consistent clean burns. I think a clean burning stove is only as...
  11. D

    Three barrel stove? Draft issues? Glass door or window?

    Hey, guys. I'm looking into putting a new barrel stove in my shop. There's an old one in there made from one of those old fuel barrels people used to have in their basements, but it's not in the best shape. I was really wanting to do the double barrel thing. The current location of the...
  12. F

    Drolet Eco 65 dirty glass

    The glass on my door is about 80% covered with brown and white ash after about 8hrs of running. Asking other Drolet Eco 65 owners, is this typical for this stove? Thanks.
  13. B

    Jotul F3 CB Glass Air Leak

    I recently replaced the door and glass gaskets on my Jotul F3 CB. The Dollar bill test works great on the door, but not on the glass. The glass is held by two clips, one on each side of the glass. When I do the dollar bill test the glass is very tight on the sides, but it fails on the top an...
  14. B

    Regency ci2600 questions

    I have been a lurker for a while and wanted to thank everyone for the insight and advice provided. This forum ultimately influenced my switch from a Quadrafire Voyager Grand to a Regency ci2600 stove and i'm happy with the choice as the Quad would not have put out enough heat for my house (the...
  15. A

    VC Intrepid II Non-standard Glass Gasket

    I'm doing my first full replacement of gaskets on a Vermont Castings Intrepid II I bought used some years ago. I've replaced the door gasket before but this is my first for griddle and glass gaskets. The strange thing is the glass gasket. What is in there now appears to be non-standard, but at...
  16. E

    New Pellet Stove with Strange Window Dirt

    I am new to pellet stove inserts. I know little to nothing other than what I read in my instruction booklet. I have a Harmon P35i stove and I started it for the first time yesterday and have been running it for 24 hours. I have tried various temperatures and feed rates and blower intensities to...
  17. K

    Replacing glass in Surdiac 513

    We bought a house with a Surdiac 513 last year and it is AMAZING. Only problem is that his summer two of the small glass panels got broken. The owner's manual says not to run the stove with broken glass (makes sense) but not how to replace them. I purchased new glass and am ready to go, but I...