1. jmprobert

    Odd smoke drafting on 1940's fireplace

    Hey everybody, I'm new here so hopefully I'm following the proper posting rules. My wife and I moved into a 1942 Cape Code style home that has a fireplace and ash dump. We had it inspected before last winter to make sure it was safe to burn and we were given the green light from the sweep until...
  2. L

    Stopped drafting

    I bought Hearth soap stone wood fireplace in 2005 and for several years it worked fine. It has not been used in 3 years because it quit drafting. I believe the reason is a contractor repairing the roof seal, pulled the pipe off and may have dropped something down the pipe because that's when it...
  3. S

    Cannot remove this duravent cleanout plug

    The house I bought this past summer has a winslow ps40 pellet stove which has been running great. I would like to remove the cleanout Tee but having difficulty. I can turn it clock wise about an inch or so but can't get any other movement. I assume I should be pulling it strait down after...